Bonjourno! My summer has officially begun! Today I arrived back from a wonderful week discovering Rome. Italy has been a country I’ve always wanted to visit and it did not disappoint! With the weather a cool 33 degrees we did our fair share of walking down the maze that is Rome! I could write a … More Roma

Game, Set and Match

On Wednesday Abi, Emma and I woke up at the dreaded hour of 5am and traipsed across London to join the most beautiful queue! With the assistance of a ‘guide to queuing’, sunshine and corn snacks we spent the next 4 hours queuing to get into Wimbledon! For years I have desperately wanted to go to Wimbledon … More Game, Set and Match

The past week

The past week has been simultaneously exceedingly busy and very lazy! One of my proudest moments this week was conquering my major fear of roller coasters and going on the big rides at Alton Towers! I also visited Manchester for the day to say bye to Bryan before he travels off to the States for Camp … More The past week

HOLI on the downs

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day. Although I was shattered, it was lovely! My afternoon was spent at the HOLI on the downs festival! I’ve never been to a colour fight but boy was it fun! This event can only be explained by pictures so here they are … And a little bit of excitement … More HOLI on the downs


I have to confess the feeling of absolute freedom after finishing exams is an unmatched one! In fact after my last exam I sat in my bedroom and tried to remember what life was like before exams. Social life? What even is that!? The past few days have been pretty blissful. Lying in, eating a … More FREEDOM!


So my exams are almost finished (YAY!) but sadly I have 3 days left, jam packed of revision, before summer officially begins (BOO!). Right now plants are not my friend, studying leaf development is so dull its unbelievable! Anyway in an attempt to try and keep life exciting I’ve been watching some great TED talks. One of my … More Inspiration