Oh hey there!

Welcome to this little blog of mine!

For many years I’ve loved reading other people’s blog and so I’ve decided to take the plunge and begin to write my own!

I’m Pippa; a twenty year old student currently living in Nottingham. I’m a dabbler in all things crafty and occasionally photography!

Now entering my third year at university, I hope to record what’s going on in my life – from the mundane to the extraordinary and everything in between!

Pips xx

Why ‘thispeculiartreasure’?

In my favourite childhood books, Christy Miller, (okay, I lie, they still are my favourite) she finds the verse, ‘

If you shall indeed hear my voice and obey my command, then you shall be my peculiar treasures’ Exodus 19v8 (KJV)’

and I loved it!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. HEY! I was just reading the card you gave me before I left Notts and remembered your blog! I will definitely be taking a browse! Miss you tons love. xxxx

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