After just over a year’s haitus from blogging I’ve decided it’s about time I revisited my little blog again. Whilst the past year has been pretty amazing it has also been really hectic, hence the lack of posting, sorry!

Anyway, enough of the excuses, and on to the blogging…

I’m currently on my (around) 4 month holiday, which is going rather quicker than I’d hoped for. I’ve been very busy so far visiting lots of places including an amazing two weeks working with a christian charity (OM) in Moldova. Right now I am enjoying relaxing at home for 2 weeks.

Almost 2 weeks ago I was honoured to be the bridesmaid for my best friend and flatmate, Elle. Here are a few pictures from the beautiful day:

^^ the wedding was board game themed so each of had our names engraved on jenga blocks! How cute!  _MG_8874

^ the reception venue was amazing: it even had a proper maze to explore! 

Sadly I don’t have any good pictures of the bride or the rest of the bridal party. I’ll post the link to the professional photos when they’re ready!

P xx


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