My summer has officially begun! Today I arrived back from a wonderful week discovering Rome. Italy has been a country I’ve always wanted to visit and it did not disappoint! With the weather a cool 33 degrees we did our fair share of walking down the maze that is Rome!
I could write a mini book with details of the holiday but instead I thought I’d write my top 10 top tips for visiting Rome!

1. Eat Gelato

Dont hold back. We had at least one scoop a day and tried a whole range of incredible flavours. Look out especially for gelato artigianale – they contain no artificial flavourings or colours! Go wild!

This was our favourite – natural yogurt and kiwi!

2. Climb to the top of Gianicolo Hill 

We stumbled upon this wonderful scenic view of Rome! Just near the Vatican, it was a beautiful panoramic view of the ancient city of Roma.

3. See the Queen of Belgium at the Pantheon

Okay, so most people wont be able to do that, it just added a little bit of excitement to our day that the Queen of Belgium went on stroll in the Pantheon at the same time we did! However visiting the Pantheon is a must. It was a truly stunning building and free to enter!

4. Take a day trip out to Tivoli 

If you’re not just passing through Rome then definitely take a day trip to the small village of Tivoli! Wander through the beautiful tiny streets, visit Villa D’est (the scenes and fountains are breathtaking!) and grab €1 gelato from just outside the Villa D’est. We absolutely loved it!

5. Visit St Peters Basilica at night! 

 St Peters Basilica during the day is stunning but it takes on a whole new vibe at night! In the cool of the evening we enjoyed sitting in St Peters Square playing cards taking in our beautiful surroundings. And on the note …

_MG_1674 _MG_1692 _MG_1703

6. Carry around a pack of cards

We found after walking for a couple of hours in the sun we just wanted to flake out in the shade. With our apartment being a little out of town, everyday we found a cool place and enjoyed a few games of whist whilst we cooled and relaxed!

7. Queue at Palatine Hill for Colosseum tickets 

Buying a Colosseum ticket grants you access to Palatine Hill and Roman forum as well as the Colosseum, so queuing at these places meant smaller queues- no one enjoys queuing in 33 degrees! It was crazy to imagine thousands of year beforehand this being the center of the Roman empire!

8. Keep an eye out for pickpockets 
As is the case major cities beware of your essentials, especially in crowds and the metro! Most of the time we felt safe but it is worth just having your hand on bag sometimes. Better to be safe than sorry!
9. Pre book for the Vatican 
We decided to pay an extra €4 to prebook the Vatican, as it was a must see we thought it was worth paying a little extra to forgo the queues and saunter straight in! It meant we could plan our day easier and see more! Sadly the pope was in Switzerland so we didn’t get to bump into him!
10. Wander 
We discovered some beautiful places by putting away the map and just wandering through the streets of Rome!
 It truly is a beautiful city with plenty to discover!

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