Game, Set and Match

On Wednesday Abi, Emma and I woke up at the dreaded hour of 5am and traipsed across London to join the most beautiful queue! With the assistance of a ‘guide to queuing’, sunshine and corn snacks we spent the next 4 hours queuing to get into Wimbledon!

For years I have desperately wanted to go to Wimbledon and this year I decided that I wasn’t going to wait any longer! Wimbledon is one of the only sporting events where tickets are still available for purchase the morning of play, so, we joined with thousands to make our own Wimbledon memories.

We bought ground passes which enabled us access around the grounds and to sit on outer courts! With Murray playing that day, we joined thousands on Murray Mount to watch him stroll to victory in the second round, we also watched Cilic play live against Haider-Maurer and got way to invested in the match between Davis and Pennetta. In true british fashion we were also treated to free strawberries and cream in the sunshine.

We had an amazing day and had to keep on pinching ourselves that we were actually at Wimbledon! A tip if you fancy going – remember to take suntan cream; we ended up incredibly burnt and looking like rudolf!

On Tuesday we went for Fro Yo! Oh my that stuff is my all time favourite!

P xx


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