I have to confess the feeling of absolute freedom after finishing exams is an unmatched one! In fact after my last exam I sat in my bedroom and tried to remember what life was like before exams. Social life? What even is that!?

The past few days have been pretty blissful. Lying in, eating a lot, reading, shopping but best of all doing pretty much nothing!

After a few days of having nothing in my fridge and having no time to stock it, I treated myself to a tesco delivery! Having my food shop delivered to my flat felt like such a luvury but I recommend rechecking your order; I now have 3kg of carrots!

Yesterday Elle and I went to Red Hot World Buffet and literally ate everything! The restaurant was huge so this heads up to the buffet was a great help!

Lunch today consisted of fresh homemade carrot soup, cucumber and humous, and pitta bread with grilled halloumi, chorizo, tomato and cucumber. It was incredibly delicious!

Here’s to the next 4 months of summer!

P xx

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