The last week …

Exams have officially started with me sitting the first of 4 exams yesterday. Thankfully it was easier than it could have been. Not easy but it could have been horrendous. With each day mainly consisting of revision we’ve made a decision as a flat to have one exciting thing we do each day for a break and to look forward to! Yesterday we went all out and went for a food shop ;) but they’ve included going for a walk, watching tv, going for a cider or going out for lunch.  Here are some snaps of a 2 and half walk we went on discovering campus. There are so many cute hidden treasure!

Today is my flatmate Karina’s birthday. Her parents got this amazing  delivered to our flat. Literally it could not get much cuter! We’ve had the morning off revision and spent it eating bacon and banana pancakes, seriously delicious!

P xx

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