the sun is out …

and I’ve been stuck inside!

As happens every year, we’re going through those few days in May which are gloriously sunny and gives us all a false hope that this will be the hottest summer ever. Sadly for me its coincided with exam time again! Why is it that it sometimes seems the majority of my life at the moment just hops from one set of exams to the next!? Anyway I decided to take yesterday off, did a little shopping (and I wanted to buy everything I saw!), went for coffee with a friend, went on  a beautiful walk in the sunshine complete with icecream and then went to christian union in the evening! I really enjoyed and reminded me of life outside of the revision/snack/revision/break cycle.

Here are some snaps of our walk yesterday. Nottingham University campus really comes into its own in summer!


Another thing keeping me going is the prospect of a pretty awesome summer ahead! This week I booked my third holiday abroad this summer … to ROME! Although I’ve never been to Italy before its been high on priority list and now I’ll finally be able to tick it off!

P xx


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