Hard Truths

Here is some news from my wonderful sister who is currently living in Rwanda! I am always so impressed by her ability to write so well (i suppose she is an English student)!


For my blog post today I thought I would share a little extract from the diary I’ve been trying to keep since I touched down in Kigali airport just over two weeks ago.

“As usual my diary-keeping skills are somewhat lacking so it has been a while since I last wrote. Rwanda is as beautiful as ever, the temperatures stay hovering in the mid-twenties, and the storms have been absent for a few days.

It was in this gorgeous idyllic setting that, on Friday night, I went to a genocide memorial service. Now as it was all in Kinyarwanda I didn’t understand anything but in some ways I didn’t need to. It is enough to be reminded of the terrible things that happened, so very recently, under the gaze of this same picture-perfect sky. The horrors of the genocide were written on the faces of those who mourned together on…

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