Turning 19!

As of 4 minutes ago my birthday day is officially over. Its my first birthday where I haven’t been at home! I’ve not really been looking forward to it as I had an exam and revision to go along with it! BUT it’s been wonderful! 

Last night I skyped both my parents and sister whilst I opened my presents. Sadly the picture didn’t work so I ended up having to do a picture story line! Here are some of my favourites, sorry for the silly faces – there’s only a certain number of ways you can pose with a present!

I woke up this morning to a banner, badges and Disney cake from my wonderful flatmates! We had pancakes and smoothies for breakfast!

I then set to work revising and had my exam! All fun and games!

This evening I did more revision for my exam tomorrow (i know) . We ordered Chinese then watched Big Band Theory!

And so I’m 19! Say what!? Aren’t I still 12?!

To the last year of me being a teenager!

P xx


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