New Years Resolutions?

It seems to be the trend recently to forget the New Years resolution as the majority of us wait until 3rd January to give up anyway. I mean there’s only a certain amount of years I can say mine is to get a ‘bikini body’ right?

So this year I’ve decided to do things a little bit different! Don’t get me wrong I’m going to attempt (and most probably fail) to get the yearned for ‘bikini body’ but instead I’m going to set some realistic things I want to do! So here goes:

  • Travel/Live abroad
  • Learn how to speak Arabic (or another language) so I can hold opening conversation
  • Start reading an intellectual newspaper
  • Blog more (sorry guys!)
  • Get better at photography (buy my first dslr) 
  • Learn how to surf
  • Be able to run 10k
  • Write my own song
  • Cut down on fizzy drinks (seriously this is going to be difficult)
  • Get better at clearing out my wardrobe (I like to principle of donating an item whenever you buy something new) 
  • Become more interested/involved with conservation
  • Become less reliant on my phone and internet (not feel naked when I don’t have my phone on me!)
  • Learn how to bake macaroons
  • Learn how to give good massages
  • Become a more ethical consumer
  • And get that bikini body (some things will never change) 

So here’s to 2014!

P xx


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