Happy New Year

I know i’ts a little late but I always find this time of the year pretty busy!

So on Tuesday night I welcomed in the New Year with a group of close friends, champagne, sparklers and fireworks! I must sound about 100 when I say this but can someone please tell me how we are already at 2014! I’m sure its still 2004!? Isn’t it!?

Like most years 2013 had its ups and down but I have to say overall it was pretty wonderful. I turned 18, passed my driving test, went to Poland, Cyprus, Croatia, learnt how to snorkle, knitted a blanket, went on a segway, got upgraded in a hotel, started a blog, left home for the first time, actually desperately wanted to eat fish (!), cooked my first christmas dinner, went to London too many times, drove a vintage car, took way too many pictures and most importantly met people who will change my life forever. So thankyou 2013 for all you have brought me!

So here’s to 2014! May you be a year that challenges thought, builds friendships but most importantly give happiness! 

I plan to blog about the things I plan to do in 2014 soon!

P xx


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