Being Back Home!

Now I’ve finished my first semester at university I am home for the next month over Christmas and the New Year!

I’m so excited to be home but, with 6 exams looming when I return, I have plenty of work to be getting on with. It does seem weird to think that I wont see most of my friends from Uni for a month having seen them everyday for 3 months!

Christmas always gets me very excited and it quite possibly is my favourite time of the year (having said that I say that for most things!) and the best thing is my sister, Abi, is coming home in a week after living in France since September!

Yesterday I got the wonderful job of putting up the Christmas tree, I attempted to keep to a colour scheme but as I found I kept on having to add colours as we didnt have a lot of silver! Also I have been giving my cat, Charcoal, lots of cuddles since the death of her big brother, Misty, last week. She’s never normally been a cat who enjoys being picked up, always wanting a stroke, but never a cuddle. But she seems to be more than happy to have a cuddle since I’ve come home, so I’m doing my job of comforting her!

Again apologies for the quality of my pictures, my camera is still not playing ball so these are from my iPhone!

P xx


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