‘O come let us adore him…’

This past week has been much of the same – just general uni life. However I have been on 2 jogs this week, yes the first physical exercise in what has been waaaaaaaay too long!

Last night I went to my first carol of the season! And boy was it fantastic! Now I’ve always been a big fan of carol services but this was the first time at my church in Nottingham. The church was kitted out with beautiful fairy light, candles and general festive cheer! The service was quality and they did the carols so well for the first time when I sang them I felt like they were worship not just your general carols. Never have I sang carols with such enthusiasm and gusto! I wish they released a CD with them on! I would be hitting the repeat button constantly!

Afterwards there was unlimited amounts of mince pies, mulled wine, cashew nuts, a live jazz band and afterwards a disco! Oh yes, cutting those shapes on the dance floor …not ;)

I would totally recommend anyone to find out and head on down to a carol service happening in a church near you! Have a good old sing song and remind yourself what this great season is all about!

You can watch a little promo video made by my church about carols here!

P xx



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