I’m on top of the world!

These past fews days have just been so special!

I went home for one night and got to see my family, friends and cats! Being home just makes me appreciate home comforts so much more than before!

I then went to London for the next 3 days! They were spectacular! I loved visiting 2 of my best friends down there. I had not seen them in so long it was incredible to be reunited, and the best bit was it was like we’d never been apart!

Then last night had our christmas formal! I’ve never been to such a posh event! You can just see how beautiful it was. I especially loved getting all dressed up!

All in all the past few days have been fantastic I just don’t want them to finish! I can’t believe that I’m almost finished my first semester at university, this has gone way too fast!

Sadly my camera decided to die on me this weekend. Yes it was really sad, so all my pictures are my iPhone or on other peoples cameras so sorry about the quality! I can’t wait till I can afford a DSLR!

The guy sat on the bench is Christopher Ecclestone (Doctor Who!) literally had a freak out! I promise its him!

Kings Cross Station!


Every turn in London there’s something beautiful and inspiring to see!


We went to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park!

We had acrobatic performers!

Almost all of my little university family!

Look how beautiful this event was!

These are very special Christian Union girls. They mean the world to me!

P xx


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