This past week

I am so sorry for my complete lack of posts recently! I expected myself to be blogging so much when I came to university and yet now I’m here I seem to have zero time! You can’t win can you!

The past week has been a bit quieter than previous weeks which is very welcome! I’ve had time to get to know people a little better which has been wonderful! This next week is even quieter so I am looking forward to it very much!

We got to have a look at this cheeky chappy (an axolotl) during my labs this week! Its a little amphibian that belongs the salamander family!

We made jelly oranges! Aaaaaah! (for all you americans thats jello ;) )

I had a very peaceful walk round the lake at university by myself. It was lovely to just take in the beauty, walk across the stepping stones and see the waterfall!

On Saturday my flatmates and I went to a little Japanese shop in Beeston and got bubble tea! I’ve had it once before but it was the first time for the others so it was pretty exciting!

I have to say I did not make the best choice. Reading tapioca balls to be tropical is not the smoothest of moves! But I tried the others and they were delicious. 

We all got very excited!

Also notice I’ve got a nose stud in ;)

Finally I’ve got a pretty huge decision regarding next year to be thinking about in the coming weeks and months! Prayers would be much appreciated!

P xx



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