A surprise trip home!

This weekend I went home to see my family and friends! I only decided to go earlier this week so I did not to tell mum and dad that I was coming and left it as a surprise! I spent the rest of the week getting more and more excited!

And the weekend lived up to my expectations! It was so lovely to see my parents, I really have missed them whilst I’ve been away. Being at university has made me so much more appreciative of all the incredible things they do. I got to see my close friends which was lovely to have a good catch up! Dad and I went for Costa friday, went shopping with mum, met up with JB from France, went out for a meal and finally went for a fantastic walk in the stormy weather!

It did feel very strange to just slip right back into life at home, it almost made university feel like just a dream!

Now for a full week of lectures and getting back into the uni rhythm!

Reinstated Costa friday with the father!

Calm after the storm!

Crazy selfies in rain and wind are the best!

Went for a coffee with mum!

P xx


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