Thoughts …

I saw this on pinterest the other day and chuckled a little to myself!

Sometimes I wonder how often we think that we’re are barely holding everything together and yet we look at others and of course they have everything sorted! There are times when people, me definitely included, are scared to say anything for fear of wrecking this ‘hey im together’ façade to others.

At church last night the talk was on ‘how to life an unfulfilled life’ that may sound a little strange but it was essentially giving us tips on what not to do! One of the points was prioritise your public face over your private life saying that it can be so easy to practice putting on a front, comparing ourselves to others, hiding away, assume we are the only one struggling. BIut these are ways we can really limit our potential!

Now I don’t think the preacher means we have to tell everyone about how we’re feeling every day but I think it means we should be open to sharing when we’re not feeling that together to those who we feel can build us up or encourage change in us !

For me I’m working on being able to share when I need to share but also being the person that people can confide in.

P xx

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