My Lights

I am so sorry about the lack of blogging over the past few weeks. University is keeping me exceedingly busy so
I’m trying to find time to blog, which I so desperately want to do!
At Christian union on Monday we always start with this: Highlight, Lowlight and Godlight!
So I thought I’d share with you mine from this week:


  • Sitting down yesterday with my flat for a proper meal of chilli con carne, with salad and salad dressing!
  • Going for a walk round the lake with a good friend from back home and a spiced pumpkin latte! Hmmmmm
  • Finding out some fantastic news … not sure if I can tell people yet though! I will spill in a bit!

Lowlight: I have had pretty bad freshers flu this week – sore throat, blocked nose, headache … the whole shabang. Its times when I’m sick when I need my mummy!


After a great church service on sunday morning we were treated to a meal and a game of articulate! I feel so blessed with such a diverse and incredible Christian community here at Nottingham!

P xx


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