A very strange feeling

So this year I’m attempting what seems the impossible: 2 camps back to back!
Now I know some of you will probably be wondering why this is such an issue but I assure you that right now it seems just that- impossible!
Well add together post camp blues and major tiredness then you get me right now!
This past week has been so amazing. The people I’ve been leaders with are actually incredible. We’ve had some hilarious moments – which included me slipping over on curry! What!? I hear you say!? Don’t even ask!
Anyway this morning whilst the majority of the camp left to sleep in their comfy comfy beds, I attempted to sleep (note the word attempted) whilst I contemplated the week ahead!
Know I know this next week will be amazing, I have no doubt about it! But right now all I want to do is mope and miss the friends that have just left!
Also the dawning realisation that this time in a month will be my last ever night at home does freak me out totally! And I literally have nothing ready.
Yes queue freak out!
Anyway mid camp ramblings, enjoy ;)


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