The dreaded day arrived

Last night I slept for a maximum of 2 hours. Although the constant refreshing of Pinterest kept me occupied nothing could cure me from the torturethat accompanies results day.
As you may have read my exams hadn’t gone quite as I had planned. Although I had prepared myself for results that might not have been as I wanted when they actually came through I still was really upset.
I didn’t get the place I desperately wanted at my first choice university although I have been given a place at my insurance. So after a rather confusing and upsetting morning with lots of tears and discussions I have decided to take my insurance.
I have began to realise the exciting fact that at the end of September I will become a student of Biology at the University of Nottingham. Who knows what may happen but I am praying and trusting God.
Despite originally hating the idea, tonight my family, my auntie and a friend went out for a meal to celebrate my results and university place.
And now for a early night to catch up on some much needed sleep!


P xx


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