Day 4- Lokrum!

Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun… it rained!

Well it didnt just rain today, it thunderstormed! Lightening, thunder, wind, waves, the whole shabang. It was a little insight into what we’d be like in an apocalypse (and to be honest I really enjoyed it)

Before that we went to the beautiful island of Lokrum which is straight across from our apartment. Lokrum is a nature reserve with peacocks everywhere! We then went to the rocks and I snorkeled for the first time, which I loved! Tip number one for snorkeling: remember your snorkel is not infinitely long and you cant go to the bottom of the bed without breathing in a mouth full of water!

After we braved the storm we caught the boat back and walked round Dubrovnik a little more. We went to a restaurant for tea and I had … squid! Yes it actually so incredibly beautiful! I would totally recommend it, if you can put up with it looking just like squid!

Outdoor Gym! Why not!?

Starfish snorkle pose ;)

Fried Squid is wonderful!

P xx


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