Confessions of a seriously uncoordinated girl

Okay, so I’m sure at one point in my life I was actually pretty sporty, give or take about 10 years.

Since then there has been a steady decline in my ability.

Recently Abi and I have been discussing our annoyance at our lack of sporting ability. Now I know first world problems but trust me all you sporty people it can be really frustrating!

You see when my friends start doing something sporty, my little 8 year old brain says ‘join in pips you can do this’ or ‘you got this’ or even (like hardly ever) ‘just go and wow them with your sporting ability’. So I join in … then I remember (usually as the ball is heading in the direction of my head) that in fact I’m about uncoordinated as bambi on ice. Often it ends with a very red face on my behalf and a very awkward laugh also from me.

Even though there’s nothing I can really do about it I wish I could do it and not flail miserably.

Any advice for a seriously uncoordinated girl!?

P xx



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