Last of the big spenders

ImageWhy is it that suddenly I want to buy everything expensive all at once!? And yet I am so stingy I refuse to spend a lot either!

Today I bought a new guitar which I am really excited about and hopefully I can spend this summer getting from ‘I’m just having a go but in reality I’ve not got a clue’ to ‘hey I actually know whats going on here!’

And now I want a better camera, a proper dslr. I sillyly got a bridge dslr a few months ago without thinking I could get one second hand dslr for a less! I’m hoping someone might want to buy  my bridge dslr on ebay!

So calling all good photographers and people who know what they’re talking about! Please give me advice on good places to buy second hand cameras for a decent price and what to look for!

P xx


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