I’m back from the adventure

I am so excited to share with you about my adventure.
Since arriving home I dont think I’ve stopped talking and talking about my past 2 weeks. If I were to share all the different adventures and stories I’d probably have a million different posts (trust me I thought about it!)
So for the past 2 weeks I have been out in Cyprus with a team from my cousins church helping at a teen camp in the Troodos Mountains as well as doing some sight seeing (who can resist a beach ;) )

On my previous post I said this trip had been life changing and it has.

Although I’ve only know people on camp for a week I felt like I have known them all my life.
In come respects this year has been a rollercoaster friends wise, I can honestly it was so refreshing to be around people who were so honest, funny and welcoming!
When I left I felt a huge heaviness on me, I miss them all so much (yes I did cry!)
Being in such a beautiful country really allowed me to appreciate the beauty of Gods creation (have you seen the colour of the sea!?). What ever you believe was God’s method in creating this world of ours, looking out over the Troodos Mountains each morning or swimming in the Mediterranean sea or paddling in a water fall, really made me feel closer to my creator.
Before the past 2 weeks I’ve always had a love for travel but now I feel like I’d love to spend a extended period of time living abroad! I cant wait to see where God takes me!
I feel like I cant put into words how incredible these past two weeks have been (I’ve done a pretty poor attempt)
I hope you enjoy the pictures!
if anyone knows of any teen christian camps in the states or canada that would be good to lead on next summer please comment!
P xx

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