It is finished

I have finished all my exams.

They are done.

All gone.

And now I begin the longest summer of my life, 3 months of freedom.

The feeling is unreal and yet I feel guilty when I’m doing nothing!

Tomorrow I will be jetting off to Cyprus for 2 weeks helping at a christian camp, so you wont be hearing from me for a while unless I can find wifi!

Adios (for a while)

P xx


2 thoughts on “It is finished

  1. I finished my A Levels last summer and waiting for my exam results in August was the most excruciating time of my life it felt like I was waiting for years. I know the feeling of relief that you’re probably feeling now from finishing your A levels! If you’re interested I wrote a post about how to deal with your first year in university I hope you get the exam results that you want and get into your first university option! :D

  2. Hey! Sorry about the late reply, I’ve been away!
    I know I hate waiting for exam results, there’s nothing you can so but you still stress out!
    Hopefully I will be going to UCL in September so I really enjoyed reading your tips!
    P xx

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