Thoughts on – idealism

Locks on a bridge in KrackowI am at that age where I have lots of plans for my future. Not only personal goals, but goals for the world, if that makes sense. I have so much hope that in my lifetime we will see significant change in situations such as world hunger (ifcampaign). Sometimes I think people look at these situations and think that things will never change, but this attitude angers me. If this was the attitude of Martin Luther King or William Wilberforce life for millions of people over the globe would be so different.

Call me an idealist but I think its my role as a human and as a christian to stand along the oppressed and do all we can to change.

Sometimes it seems that only young people possess idealism and it is expected as you get older you become more realistic and more apathetic.

I hope that I will always remain idealistic but realistic and never become apathetic to change.

P xx


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