the feeling of deep sadness

Today has been tough, very tough.

If you read my blog you’ll know I’m in the middle of my exams. They’ve been awful, absolutely appalling, and the one today really just stuck the nail in the coffin.

I’ve cried a lot, and for me that shows I’m upset. My parents, Abi and Emma have been amazing at cheering me up. The pictures are of a beautiful coffee shop we visited after the exam with Emma to celebrate the end of her exams and make me feel a little happier.

I know failing exams is not the end of the world, I can just retake next year or do something else. But I have been so excited for next year, to go university, start a new adventure it just feels like its been ripped out from underneath me. I just feel so deeply gutted and so sad about how its all gone. I can no longer dream about next year without the huge gut wrenching feeling that I won’t be going.

There are worse things, but when your heart plans something then it truly is difficult to let go.

P xx

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