A wonderful day

A couple of weeks ago Josh and I were asked to play at the National YMCA celebration service, in London. Originally I said no, exams and stuff, but after thinking about it, it was too good an opportunity to miss. My goodness I am so glad I said yes!

Yesterday was such an incredible day. We got to see my best friend, Bryan who is currently studying there. The weather was beautiful, and London is so lovely in nice weather. We played ‘my everything‘  which went really well and got a really good reception! I wish I could have got a recording of us to share with you, we’re thinking about getting a professional one this summer!

So after the service we were let loose in London! We walked through Regents Park then to Primrose Hill where we saw the whole skyline of London, it was beautiful and if we had had more time I wish we were there to have a picnic for lunch. We then caught the tube back to where Bryan lives to have a wonderful meal at Prezzo (would really recommend this restaurant!). Then had a quick rush back to Bryan’s place to grab my cello and other stuff to catch the train in time!

We got home quite late and my body was so shattered but I don’t care.

Sadly I was too busy looking around to use my camera much, so these are all the pictures I have. Bryan, however, does have some great pictures so hopefully I’ll be able to put them up soon.

I honestly cannot wait to live in London next year (if all goes to plan!) just the excitement of literally being able to do anything I want! WOW!

P xx


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