Last night Emma and I had a challenge to write down 69 facts about ourselves. In reality we thought the maximum we could come with was 20, so we had a go.

I’m going to share with you some of what I came up with:

  • My favourite film is Les Miserabletrust me there will be a blog about this soon, in fact it’s currently sitting in drafts, but in the meantime you can listen to my favourite song here

  • I wish I got to see my grandparents more – these two are really amazing and its really sad that we live so far away                                                                   


  • I would love to build my own house – I have so many plans, yes grand designs!


  • I danced for 10 years – I don’t anymore which I’m sad about, I am so determined to get back into dancing at university

  • I love lakes, there’s something about them that is so peaceful – my perfect wedding would be next to a lake.

  • I desperately want to travel – I mean who doesn’t want to.

  • Getting baptised was one of the best days of my life

                P xx

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